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A brief history of Cloncallow
In 1914 the grounds (4 acres) here at Cloncallow were annexed from the main adjoining farm of Kilmartin. A small dwelling was constructed as a retirement home for two bachelor brothers. We do not know if the brothers ever actually took up residence. In the 1950’s a retired army army man, Colonel Bredin, who had spent his career with the British Army in India moved in with his two daughters. His family had originally come from the townland of Cloncallow in Ballymahon, Co. Longford, so it was a nostalgic move for him to call the place Cloncallow.

What the name Cloncallow Means
Cloncallow is an anglicisation of the Gaelic place name “Cluain Colbhaigh” which means ‘Calva’s Meadow’. Another meaning of Cloncallow is ‘low lying and sheltered’ which aptly describes the garden here. Perhaps we can credit some of the wonderful planting to these early occupants. We are lucky to be the guardians of many beautiful mature trees on the property – Scots pines which mark the borders to the east and west, Weeping Silver Birch by the pond, Cherry Trees, a Cornus Capitata and several oaks.

Our Philosophy here at Cloncallow
Our overall philosophy in the garden today is – a bit of everything we fancy!
Yes ,we enjoy collecting rare and non-typical plants for our garden but we had no ‘Grand Plan’ or majestic vision in mind when we started. We have allowed the garden to evolve and mature over time. We enjoy spending time in our garden and making tweaks as we go along.

Planting at Cloncallow
We divide our time and energy between what we need (polytunnel, orchard), what we enjoy (lilies, grasses,roses) and what we think might be an interesting challenge (species rhododendrons – 1 flower after 12 years!!). We pick up new and interesting plants when the mood takes us (if they’re on sale then even better!) and find a place to put them where they will hopefully thrive and improve our garden.

Culinary Cloncallow
This philosophy extends to our culinary endeavours as well. We do have a large polytunnel where we grow a lot of our own fruit and veg ,but that said, we do not knit our own lentils and serve only cold hemp noodles on our menus!

Years of training and loads of experience at high end event catering has not dented our enthusiasm to please . We we enjoy nothing more than creating unique and delicious menus from the bounty of the garden.